Mittens! Get Your Mittens!

With fall just around the corner, what better time for a Mitten Swap! Mittens will be mailed out by October 31st - just in time for the first chill!

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

loving the mittens

Okay so I am knitting along for my pal and I have to say, I love the mitten so much. The yarn is SO freakin pretty ... *sigh* ... I will not keep them for myself, I will not keep them for myself *heeh*


Contest Update

Since some of you early birds have already sent your mittens (wow!), you can be entered in the first week's contest. Just let me know who you are and I'll be sure to include you.

I'm off to watch Brokeback Mountain and then because it's a perfect day to bake, I'm making Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip cookies! It's gorgeous in Minnesota today, not sure of the temp but when you're in the sun it feels mighty good. And soon my kitchen will smell delicious!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Your Hostess Has Returned

Hi everyone, I've returned from my vacation to New Mexico. Over the next week or so I'll post stories and pictures on my blog - feel free to browse there. In the meantime, I can only say WOW. You guys have been busy, this is wonderful!

By the way, while on vacation I bought some alpaca yarn in Mora, New Mexico at a place called Victory Ranch to make my mittens, so I haven't started mine yet. Now with seeing so many variations I can tell I'm going to have a really hard time deciding which pattern to use.

If you're interested in buying alpaca yarn, they do sell it online. The people who run the place were so friendly and informative about the alpacas. They also carry camel yarn - yes, I said camel. And yes, I bought some. One last thing about the ranch, the yarn is well spun and worth every penny they charge you (the prices are not for the faint of heart and what they spin themselves is sold by the ounce, more detail at the site). I spent almost $200 US dollars - yikes. Mostly I plan to make mittens and scarves as the total for each color or variation of yarn is just enough for that. Hope my family doesn't mind more mittens and scarves this year for holiday gifts!

Mittens Received

I received the most awesome pair of mittens from Norway yesterday from
Linda. I am so in love with these mittens. I have never owned anything like this. Linda tells me they are made with Norweign yarn in a traditional Norweign pattern. Stunning I say.

I can't get the picture to upload here today, so you can check out the picture on my blog.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Home Stretch.

I'm finishing up the lining in these babies and then they'll be ready to head out.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Checking small?

Hi, guys. My pal seems to be offline, out of town, sick, or suffering major technical difficulties; I haven't been able to get in touch with her, and her blog borks comments. I desperately need to cast these mittens on in order to finish them by the deadline; last week was my designated knitting week and now I've got to scramble a bit in order to fit them around other obligations. But I've realized I can't wait any longer; fish gotta swim and needles gotta fly. :-)

SOooooo . . . can someone check the table Signe was so kind as to post for us and tell me if the measurements for "small" seem good? I can't judge it myself; no kids in the house and I fall a little on the border between large and medium. Since I'm modifying the pattern I'm using, I'd feel a lot safer at least knowing if the length is correct.

Seriously, if someone can confirm that one thing for me, I'll be a very happy camper.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Mittens!

Yarn: Novita Wool 100% wool
Pattern: My own

PS. One flower is missing, will be added soon :)
Hope my pal likes them!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Flip Top Mittens finished!

Halcyon Botanica 100% wool on sizes 7 & 8
Original pattern
Fun to make, hope my pal likes them.

progress finally

i don't have a photo yet but i will post one soon. i picked out yarn and tried 5 different patterns (the interweave target stripes pattern from this fall's issue, fair isle rib, simple stripes, solid and finally cables) before i settled on something i liked. simple. elegant. warm. yeay! i just bound off the top of the first mitt. its waiting for a thumb and then i will start the second. yeay. can't wait to see the finished pair.

Mittens` books

I found one good article from Interweave Knits (autumn, 2006) re mittens books. I thought mabye you like to know them, too :)

All of them are based on folk patterns.

Not mentioned in the article:
Folk Mittens: Techniques and Patterns for Handknitted Mittens
Folk Knitting in Estonia

Monday, September 18, 2006

Contact Pals please

I have emailed my pal but haven't heard back from her. And I haven't heard from my person who is knitting for me. Am I the only one?

A Contest for our Mitten Swap!

Win a set of handmade stitchmarkers, made by me!

Each week in October I will hold a drawing for the people who have mailed their packages THAT week.

To qualify for a drawing during week 1 you must mail your package between
October 1st - October 7th

To qualify for a drawing during week 2 you must mail your package between
October 8th - October 14th

To qualify for a drawing during week 3 you must mail your package between
October 15th - October 21st

To qualify for a drawing during week 4 you must mail your package between
October 22nd - October 28th

To qualify for a drawing during week 5 you must mail your package between
October 29th - October 31st

1. Notify me when you've have indicated 'sent' out on swap-bot.

At the end of each week, I will draw one name from those people who sent their mittens that week and send the winner a set of stitchmarkers.

Will be really busy over the next week or so but I'll post again next week.

More inspiration, from Estonia this time

  • Maru mittens (you`ll find mittens under the link "Marukindad" and then scroll right)

Small, Medium and Large

For me it has been a bit confusing to choose right size for the mittens. So I searched for mitten sizes in the internet and found the link with table:

I hope these sizes are the same we are talking about here.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sharing some Mittenish inspiration

Greetings fellow mitten makers,

I was looking around online for some inspiration for mittens, and I found this. I hope this gives ya'll some ideas. I'm finding it a challenge to get in the mood to knit mittens as it was a lovely 78 degree early fall day today.

Knit on,


Friday, September 15, 2006

Information You Need on Saturday, Sept 16

By now all participants should have received an email from swap-bot that will indicate you need to log in to swap-bot to find out who your swap pal is.

Once you get the name of your swap pal, come back here and find your pal in the list below. It's in alphabetical order, note the answers to their questions and please be mindful of those with allergies - it's very important to respect that.

Happy Knitting or Crocheting!

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool
Color Preference: Not fussy, likes all!
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: Warm natural fibers
Color Preference: Anything bright or red, green or blue
Mitten Size: Medium / Large

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool or other animal fiber
Color Preference: Earthy tones (brown/green) or blue
Mitten Size: Small

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool, alpaca, camel
Color Preference: Green, pink, natural wool colors
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: Natural animal fibers. 100% nice wool, can be a felted mitten. Not opposed to other animal fibers like alpaca, guanacos, llamas, possum etc. As long as it doesn't have the prickle factor coz I have quite sensitive skin
Color Preference: Green, blue, gray
Mitten Size: Large

Fiber(s) Preference: Something non-synthetic. No angora (allerigc), no silk unless tussah silk or another wild silk. Would love pair of soft wool mittens or alpaca but anything would be lovely.
Color Preference: Green, blue, white, brown, purple
Mitten Size: Small

Fiber(s) Preference: Natural fibers, please no plastic/acrylic yarn blends.
Color Preference: Earth tones, would love a pair of yellow mittens or classic red or classic green (please don't combine the red and green - too Christmas-ie)
Mitten Size: Small

Erin G
Fiber(s) Preference: Alpaca. Something lightweight - lives in CA
Color Preference: Deep reds, greens, blues
Mitten Size: Medium

Erin V
Fiber(s) Preference: Any except angora
Color Preference: Green, blue, brown
Mitten Size: 7.25”, 6.75”, 2.0”(palm width, length from wrist to tip of middle finger, thumb length)

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool, alpaca, angora, cashmere
Color Preference: Earthy heathery blues or greens, brick or cranberry reds
Mitten Size: Large

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool
Color Preference: Anything EXCEPT black or purpleNot fussy, likes all!
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool or wool blends or other animal fibers. Please, no acrylic.
Color Preference: All colors except beige. Likes whimsical color combos - brights, deeps, naturals
Mitten Size: Medium

Jenifer F
Fiber(s) Preference: Natural warm fibers, wool, alpaca, mohair, blends OK, chunky good too
Color Preference: Red, blue, black
Mitten Size: Large 7.5” , 7.5”, 2.5” (palm width, length from wrist to tip of middle finger, thumb length)

Jennifer H
Fiber(s) Preference: Any fiber EXCEPT mohair. Fun Fur ok in small amount
Color Preference: Purple and green - the brighter the better
Mitten Size: Small

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool
Color Preference: Pink, striped multi color, green
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool
Color Preference: Red, green, pink
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: Natural fibers like cotton, soft.
Color Preference: Chocolate brown, black, burnt orange/rust
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: Natural animal fibers.
Color Preference: Black, purple, teal
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: prefer a wool or wool blend, or something just as warm, alpaca also ok. If you've got stash yarn please use that no need to make a special trip to the store for me. Ps. If you have kitties please keep them away from the mittens if possible. Moderate cat allergies. thanks.
Color Preference: hmmm...purple, teal, blue, green. or any combination that includes those. Grey or black would be ok too and wouldn't embarrass the boyfriend as much ;) of course I'd prefer silly mittens, so just be creative
Mitten Size: 7.5”, 7”, 2.5”: (palm width, length from wrist to tip of middle finger, thumb length)

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool or alpaca
Color Preference: Surprise her!
Mitten Size: 20cm, 20cm, 6cm

Fiber(s) Preference: I'm allergic to wool, angora and mohair. Basic cotton or even nice acrylicks work fine, blends are ok too, the smoother the better
Color Preference: Chocolate brown, camel, black
Mitten Size: 7”, 7”, 2.25” (palm width, length from wrist to tip of middle finger, thumb length)

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool
Color Preference: Natural colors, reds, or cheerful colors (not neon)
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool Nothing too scratchy, I'm allergic to mohair and angora
Color Preference: Blue, green, purple, pink
Mitten Size: 7”, 8”, 2.25” (palm width, length from wrist to tip of middle finger, thumb length)

Fiber(s) Preference: Prefer warm wool, alpaca, mohair and angora. Not thrilled about fun fur.
Color Preference: Jewel tones (deep blue, purples, gold, burgandy), dark green
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool or alpaca are ok, sensitive to scratchy wools like Lopi
Color Preference: Grays, browns, jewel tones
Mitten Size: 6.75", 6.75", 2.5" (palm width, length from wrist to tip of middle finger, thumb length)

Fiber(s) Preference: Merino wool, alpaca and of course, cashmere
Color Preference: Green, black, orange
Mitten Size: 7.75", 7.5", 2.5"(palm width, length from wrist to tip of middle finger, thumb length)

Fiber(s) Preference: As long as it's warm and not a particularly harsh wool, I really don't have a preference. If it's wool--and wool/wool-blends is most of what I use--I need something slightly soft to avoid the itch factor around my wrists. The key for me is "warm." :-) I'm a Florida gal in Norway. Think "warm"! :-)
Color Preference: Any colors EXCEPT a solid yellow mitten
Mitten Size: 7.5", 7", 2.5"(palm width, length from wrist to tip of middle finger, thumb length)

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool or woolblend
Color Preference: Blue, purple, dark green
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: Soft/natural, wool
Color Preference: Blue, purple, green
Mitten Size: Medium

Fiber(s) Preference: Wool or mixed fibers w/wool
Color Preference: Gray, green, white
Mitten Size: 20cm, 17cm, 6.5cm(palm width, length from wrist to tip of middle finger, thumb length)

New button

I made a new button, maybe it is better :)

To enter it to your blog, you should open the Templete and find the there the part of code where they speak about Links or something (depends on templete).

The code you should to add there you`ll find here (Link to code). Just open it and copy the code for your templete. Hope it works! :)

Kuduv Koeraomanik (Dog owner who likes to knit)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Swap Update

1. I've sent out invites to the new folks who have signed up at swap-bot.

2. I've sent emails to 4 of you asking for your answers to the swap questions. Be sure to get back to me by this coming Friday!

3. I'm going to set up a contest for 3 people to win stitchmarkers (I make them) so keep your eyes on the blog next week for details on the contest! NOTE: This contest is strictly for the participants of this swap.

That's all for now - oh, except that we now have 30 participants! Wahoo!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Buttons for your blog!

I noticed that we don`t have any buttons yet, so I made one button for this swap project. Maybe you like it :).

Friday, September 08, 2006

Options - Knit or Crochet Your Mittens

Sam just left a comment over at swap-bot asking if we could crochet the mittens as well. I don't see why not so feel free to knit OR crochet your mittens for your pal!

A few links to crocheted patterns are on the sidebar.

Hope you're all getting excited, I know I am!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

International Representation - Awesome

I just went and checked the number of participants again and while we have one duplicate (she's a friend of mine, I'll help her fix it) signed up, check out the how diverse this group is.

We have folks from (listed in no particular order):

United Kingdom
United States
Added 9/7/2006 = The Netherlands

I cannot wait to see how this turns out.

If you have responded to the invitation to this blog, accepting the invite that is, you are able to post to this blog just as I am right now. So feel free everyone, and blog away!

I promise to get those invites out to you by tomorrow night (Wed, Sept 6), I've got a committment I need to run to right now or I would do it immediately.

I'll also post the new people and their site links to the sidebar tomorrow.

Thanks everyone and have a great evening - or day - if that's the case.