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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Enroute on Monday, too

Have you guys noticed that just when you think you have life neatly organized, something happens and that schedule just totally falls apart? Or is it just me complaining because I hate disorganization? :-) (Um, and don't look at my desk or the house at the moment; you'd never believe the person who said that lives or works there!) In any event, after a number of delays, these suckers are bundled for Monday's mail run.


They're a modified Selburose pattern, but done in Dale's baby wool because the person specifically requested soft wool and she doesn't live in the extreme north; the added thickness of the two-color pattern should be enough. I'll be honest and say that I'm not completely thrilled with them because of some tension issues (my hands are acting up; I can't do better with fine yarn at the moment). They feel great, and I love the pattern, but I think I'll do these again in a heavier hand-wash wool which will make the stitches "hold" their place a little better. In the meantime, I'm hoping the gal who receives these likes them, and doesn't mind an imperfection here or there.


Blogger Signe said...

Oh, beautiful!

6:10 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

These are gorgeous!!! I love them!!

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Patty said...

I want so badly to try a pair that are two stranded but I don't know about my tension. I wonder if doing a hat first would be a way to practice? How did you learn?

These are awesome, by the way. :-)

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Rhonna said...

Patty, hats are great practice. And they're not overwhelming. :-) As a quick PS, some people find that their gauge changes when they go from single color to stranded in a project, and that they have to switch up one needle size to compensate the first time or two that they do multiple colors. As for me . . . I was dumb. I didn't know I couldn't. :-) I did two little hats, and then a full cardigan (look here:
I did the hats because I needed a couple of little gifts, and it didn't occur to me that they might be practice. :-) I *did* have to rip back a couple of times because I was carrying the yarn too tightly and the fabric started to look like ruffles, but that stopped when I found the right float length for me.

In other words, try it. :-) What have you got to lose? :-) Just choose a comfortable weight yarn (not finer than sport, I'd think) which isn't too slippery for the first try.

2:31 AM  

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