Mittens! Get Your Mittens!

With fall just around the corner, what better time for a Mitten Swap! Mittens will be mailed out by October 31st - just in time for the first chill!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Guess what I found in last night's mail

. . . Mittens! :-) Kelly was my swap pal, and she did a great job on these despite being ill. The mittens are soft and cozy, fit *perfectly,* are the perfect color to go with all my winter coats, and I soooo want to know what yarn the body of the mittens is!! It's Norway, and I have about 6 hours of daylight right now, so this photo is a wee bit dark, but the colors are just lovely.

Kelly couldn't have been more on target with her other goodies, either. Knitting magazines are always a huge luxury since I don't normally have easy access to them, and I'm down to my last dishrag in Sugar and Cream! There's a cute little knitted-sweater keychain, a magnetized list minder, and some invisible Starburst candy and a Dove chocolate bar. (Er, they weren't invisible when we ate them [grin].)

Thanks so much, Kelly!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Final Mittens?

Has everyone received their mittens? I know some of you said that you'd be late and that you'd contacted your pals about it but let's be fair and make sure everyone gets their mittens asap.

This is a swap, afterall, right?

Email me if you have not received your mittens, okay? You know who you are (those who were still waiting) so let me know soonest. Otherwise, I'll assume you got them.

knitgirl63 AT hotmail DOT com


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Panic department

Hi to all,

I know that the swap project is over by now but I`m still waiting for my package :(. I think maybe it is a good idea to let your swap pal know if you sent the mittens out. Or am I the only one who is waiting like a child for the mittens :D? There should be around 15 persons who haven`t recieved the mittens yet. Also I noticed that there is 2 participants who hasn`t sent the mittens out (information based on swap link). Maybe Patty has the latest information and all is under control:) and I`m just worried too much? I think some feedback is good to have.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I received my mittens!

Silly me, I received my mittens on Saturday and was so excited about them that I only posted about them to my blog. LOL!

So here are pictures of my goodies from Jenifer. Thank you so much, Jenifer, I'm so impressed and so are my knitting friends (and they're jealous). :-)

By the way, Jenifer dyed and spun this yarn for my mittens in my favorite colors. Could I have asked for anything more special? Wow.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Updated mittens` gallery

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The final contest winner is...

Bekka or Rebecca or...what do you prefer? Anyway, congratulations and I will get your stitchmarkers in the mail tomorrow or Friday. Depends on how nuts my day is tomorrow and whether I can sneak over to the post office. Arrggh.

There were 6 qualifiers for this drawing which means we're down to 4 people who haven't clicked the magic SENT button. But we'll have patience won't we everyone? :-)

Enjoy your night,

check'em out!

I picked up our mail yesterday and look what was there.

look here

Sorry I can only get a modeled shot of one. No one was here to take the photo for me. they are super cute. Thank you, mm*!

My mittens!

These are the mittens I sent to my swap partner:

I hope she likes them and that they fit! They're very soft, and the people I tried the sizing out on liked them, anyway. ;) The pattern is semi mine, meaning I based it on a bunch of patterns, some of which I found on the Internet and some of which are in books I own.

And this is the wonderful mitten package I received:

The mittens are super-nice ... actually, probably among the nicest knit objects I own ... and totally out of my league as far as complexity level. Wow! And yes, indeed, they do fit! ;D I also love the postcard and the chocolate (though I haven't tried it yet, but anyway, it's chocolate from another country ... and that's cool! ;)), and I'm especially jazzed by getting to try out Dale's Baby yarn, which I've never used before ... Mmmm, yarn! I love getting nice yarn in the mail. ;D

By the way, my Significant Other was exceedingly impressed by the mittens, too, and by the package. He wants to make sure I hand out Major Kudos, so consider them handed out. ;D Yay!